About getting 'ACTIVATED' super plant pieces in v2.1.6

Hi everyone,

We hope you are enjoying the latest update v2.1.6. :smiley:

Some of you might wonder why you are getting ‘Activated’ super plant pieces in quest results. This is not a bug or an attempt to decrease the chance to get super plant pieces. It is actually an illustrative way to explain the blank lucky pack quest results.

In both previous and current versions, quest results are based on probability and this means sometimes you might get lucky packs containing activated plant pieces. To avoid giving players an empty pack, we convert these activated pieces into resources. For example, the activated pieces were converted into energy in the image displayed below.

In the previous version 2.1.4, these activated pieces were not displayed and some players have questions as in why they are not getting any pieces in the lucky packs. This is why in the current version 2.1.6, the pieces are added in the pack labelling with ‘Activated’ to show the status.

We hope this post answered some of your questions. If you still have any other questions or concerns, please leave your message here.

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