A disconcerting difference in Epic and Legendary Mining

I’ve been tracking stats on Glyph Mining, and I have noticed a disconcerting difference between activating the Epic Mine from the Rare Mine, and activating the Epic Mine from 200 Crystals.

When activating from the 200 Rare Mine attempts, I had 37 Epic Mine activations.

These 37 Epic activations produced 1 XP Glyph, 4 Glyph Essence, and 14 Legendary Mine activations (I did not track the type of common, rare, or epic glyphs produced, but they produced zero Legendary Glyphs and plenty of commons).
The subsequent 14 Legendary Mine activations produced 7 Glyph Essence, 4 Common Glyphs, 3 Rare Glyphs, 7 Epic Glyphs, and 0 Legendary Glyphs.

When activating from 20000 crystals, I had 100 Epic Mine activations.

These 100 Epic Mine Activations produced zero Common Glyphs (yes, zero), 10 Rare (non-xp) Glyphs, 33 XP Glyphs, 46 Epic Glyphs, 1 Legendary Glyph, 74 Glyph Essence, and 40 Legendary Mine Activations.
The subsequent 40 Legendary Mine Activations produced zero Common Glyphs, zero Rare (non-xp) Glyphs, 19 XP Glyphs, 14 Epic Glyphs, 7 Legendary Glyphs, and 10 Glyph Essence.

Something is weird here. The number of commons and rares from epic and legendary are dramatically lower when activating with crystals. Meanwhile, the essence from crystal epic activations is much higher than any other type of activation.


Here’s the info from Mari’s post in a more direct comparison manner. I’ve definitely noticed the same thing. Activating with Crystals gives you so much better stuff that’s it’s kind of ridiculous. Almost makes it not worth spending the step energy on it.

                     Rare Mine      Crystals
Epic Activations            37           100
XP Glyph                1(2.7%)       33(33%)
Glyph Essence         4(10.81%)       74(74%)
Common Glyphs           Plenty          0(0%)
Rare Glyphs                N/A        10(10%)
Epic Glyphs                N/A        46(46%)
Legendary Glyphs          0(0%)         1(1%)
Legendary Mine       14(37.84%)       40(40%)

From Legendary Mine:

                     Rare Mine      Crystals
Legendary Activations       14            40
XP Glyph               1(7.14%)     19(47.5%)
Glyph Essence            7(50%)       10(25%)
Common Glyphs          4(7.14%)         0(0%)
Rare Glyphs           3(21.43%)         0(0%)
Epic Glyphs              7(50%)       14(35%)
Legendary Glyphs          0(0%)      7(17.5%)

Hi guys, thank you for putting this together. I’ll check with our game designer tomorrow.


I’m going to track for comparison. I’ve only used energy so far and I’ve received a couple legendary (edit - they were actually epic, not legendary), but I didn’t count anything.

I started from the common mine.

195 total regular activations yielded:

140 common mine (71.5%)
42 rare mine (21.5%)
10 epic mine (5%)
4 legendary mine (2%)

From that I received:
168 common glyphs (85.75%)
25 rare (12.75%)
2 epic (1%)
1 legendary (0.5%)
5 essence (4 from the legendary mine, 1 from epic)

So from regular activations, it seems like you have a 30% chance of unlocking the rare mine from common, (probably) 25% chance of unlocking the epic mine from the rare, and 40% chance of unlocking the legendary from the epic.

Taking out the common glyphs unlocked in the common mine, you have a 45% chance of getting rare, 3.5% chance of epic, and 1.75% chance of legendary.

The free video epic unlock yielded a legendary unlock, 1 exp glyph, and 1 epic glyph.

Crystal unlock:

10 epic mine
3 legendary mine

9 epic glyphs
1 legendary glyph
3 exp glyphs

8 essence

It seems like the legendary unlock rate went down, but I suspect that’s from a low sample size.

But, from the same number of epic unlocks, I yielded the same number of legendary glyphs. It makes sense (to me) that the premium currency yields better results from the epic mine. I would think this is by design. From 200 crystals, I would expect at least epic glyphs every time.

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