999 lucky draw x 10 but no new clothing

Just wasted 999 topaz for nothing. Bit of a waste. I need four accessories for my last wokamon and got just regular clothing upgrades. Could have saved myself 600+ topaz

Hi Tara

Sorry for you lose, We have send you 999 topaz for compensation, you can claim that via message page.

Could you try the X10 lucky draw again to see if it will come up a new golden accessory?


Hiya, received the 999 and got new clothing which is great. Until today. Just did the 999 topaz and got nothing. This is getting a bit repetitive now!

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This is happening to me, too! I hope we can get this fixed. I want to complete my accessories.

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Hi @Tara_Thompson, this issue has now been fixed in the latest version. Please let us know if you are still having this problem.