8 star evolution?

I’ve reached the end of the possible advanced powerups and there’s no possibility for an 8 star evolution. Are there plans to add that in the future? Hopefully the next update?! I’ve reached the end of the basic powerup and would love more of those as well too!

@radiocricket congratulations. The 8 star evolution will be introduced with a new feature, which is after what we are working on now. Please stay tuned!


@marspark are you still working on it? People really can’t wait forever…

@Rocky7 yes we are still working on the ‘major feature’ mentioned in March’s post (the one before 8 star evolution). The planned 2019 development took much longer due to a few issues within the studio and we hope to catch up in 2020. Thank you for being with us for so long and we’ll try our best to deliver more contents this year.


Would be nice to have some idea of what the feature is. I have been saving materials for nearly a year in anticipation of new features.

Yo hope everything is okay. This game is awesome and I believe you guys can speed this up.:smile:

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Any further news on 8 star evolution? I’ve started to hit a stalemate in the game and find I can’t progress any further

Newer sub user here but I am also starting to run out of things to accomplish other then save up for 6 star chests in the shop which doesn’t do much.

Is the game still being developed?

This will most likely be my last month as a sub but I really do enjoy the game and would happily resub if new content came out.

I also have a few ideas on how to improve the game if it’s still being worked on.

Thanks for any response.

@C-Bass The development has been really slow during the last 18 months due to limited manpower. However, due to the success of our other focus games, we finally have enough budget to recruit another game designer to speed up the development. Hopefully, you’ll see more content in the coming months and please feel free to step back once they are rolled out.

Thank you for your support and understanding!

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Thanks for the response. Had a couple ideas for the dev team if they haven’t thought of these yet.

Couple ideas to add a long with the 8 star evo. 1. Adding energy to loot rewards (this would encourage players to get on the app more and complete tasks) 2, Adding another mode after hell. 3. Increasing the hero level cap to at least 600 and making the energy requirement greater to lvl up ( this would be an easy update that would encourage players to grind in the game if they wanted and also give casual players something to work towards). 4. Make a new battle arena. (This mode would be similar to event mode where it’s user vs bots but making the bot teams stages lvl 1-100 for example. All players are in same division and you can see ranks. Each player gets 100 attempts daily meaning if you’re a god at the game it is possible to beat all 100 per day. Reward each player with 100 energy per attempt not win. This would be max 10,000 energy per day. This will encourage all players to participate regardless of skill. End of the week reward the tier levels. 1st place. 2-10. 10-100 and so on. 5. Add a new hero or two. 6. 6 star equip. 7. More daily tasks. 8. Name changer (Allow people to pay gems, energy, or some kind of compensation to change their heros names and have the names hover over the heroes in battle).

  1. Suppose to be 7 star equipment. Not sure how to edit post
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Thank you for the suggestion @C-Bass, I’ve already passed them to our game designer(s).