6-Star Equipment Collection Tip

As you start collecting 6-star equipment from the 6-star chest in the arena market, you will be presented with a choice of 4 different items. This is not a good time to wonder what items you already have. You need to know so you can pick something that’s the most useful to you.

That’s where the following can come in handy. Each time you acquire an item, add a “I” to its position in the table. Then you will know not only what items you have, but you will also easily know how many you have and which ones you are still missing.

Mage P = Philosopher Set
Mage T = Time Set
Fighter I = Immortality Set
And so on…

Feel free to print the table and share it.

You know, back when I started playing we didn’t have fancy tables like you young ones now have. We’d crudely draw them on the back of candy bar wrappers and like it. :crazy_face:


Thanks for this. I keep thinking about doing something like this at the end of an arena season and never have.

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Thanks for this… perfect timing as, I was just trying to do something like this today… but nowhere as organised and neat as this​:+1:.:blush:

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My first iteration was just a simple list and I’d also track which character had each item. Seemed important at the time, but as more items were acquired I cared less about who had what and more about knowing how many I had and what I was missing. Necessity is the mother of invention!

And of course, the grid I’m personally using is a complete mess now. I drew it by hand, used a pen, didn’t use a ruler to draw the lines, and made a mistake filling in the table. But hey, it’s good enough. :grimacing:

So, you may now have organized and neat. I’m still using something not suitable for publication. :crazy_face: