5 things to care about if you are new in game

1.Become an apprentice and you will receive free stuff.

2.Don’t spend gems. You will need them badly to upgrade items from 6 to 7 stars.
3. Spend medals of honors only for 6 stars boxes. Chose first mage stuff, especially speed ring of time.
4. Evolve only the mage from 1 star to 5. Buy all others from shop ( 5 Stars). My receipe for arena team is mage 1to3, warrior 1to2, team with knight till bought warrior 5 stars, mage 4to5, 3rd mage at stage 5.5.
5. Finish as fast as you can hell mode. And loot all you can loot.
My master code is r4wgz in Fit stone and rbmyw in Twin Peak.