40k/50k/60k+ Step Rewards

So currently, step storage in Pocket Plants goes up to 50k, but you can only redeem up to 30k at once. While there’s a lab flask that increases the number of amethysts you can get from that 30k, it’s awfully rare! I’m on the ice world and each 30k I walk only gets me 560 amethysts.

Meanwhile, step storage is upgraded to 50k, and so I’m left wondering if there are plans to build higher level redemption buttons, to reward people who can be patient enough to wait until they’ve stored up those 40k or 50k steps, because then they can get a greater reward than redeeming 30k+10k, the same as 30k is worth more than 20k+10k.

And if so, is step storage ever going to increase past 50k, to continue the tantalizing idea that there are Yet Greater Rewards for Patience?

I’m not a very patient person, but I can try to be when there are rewards at stake! XD

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Hi @distractionary,

Thank you for your feedback and we’ll discuss it with our game designer. We currently do not have plans to add more step conversion rewards or increase step storage but we’ll evaluate our data.


I try to walk 30,000 steps a day and do find the 50,000 step max frustrating as I’ve “lost” steps. For instance, if I have 47,000 step energy and convert 30,000 of them, that will leave me with 17,000 step energy. Then I walk 30,000 steps and I’m given the chance to watch a video ad to increase my steps to 36,000 steps (which I always do!). However 36,000 + 17,000= 53,000, which it can’t store, so I am left with 50,000- losing those 3,000 steps. This has only happened to me a handful of times as now I’m careful to check into the app more often and convert my steps energy as soon as I get 30,000. It really would be great to have a 40,000 energy items, that would solve that issue for me!

Perhaps do something similar to Wokamon where walking at least 10,000 steps a day earns reward? Perhaps some rubies? How about 20k, 30k and 40k daily step rewards?! Though Pocket Plants doesn’t seem to track daily activity the way Wokamon does.