24 hours cool down after switching the guild

I’m still testing guild system :joy::joy::joy:

Ok, I tried rejoined a guilt on Thursday morning & I was not able to do check in, so I left straight away. It was before my 11:00 am (BST). So I assumed that 24 hours count started after I left.

Friday morning, guild screen had a sign “new”. Friday late afternoon (my 16:20) I tried to join another guild, & guess what: I still can’t do check in.

24 hours should’ve expired Friday morning, so I should’ve been able to do a check in Friday afternoon. I had no idea when I was kicked out by an admin, but I knew when I left on Thursday. If the count starts after the midnight of the day the player left the guild, it should be in the message.

Actually it’s a good idea to tell the player when it’d be possible to do next check in after leaving the guilt in the message sent to the player’s inbox.

Currently I have a feeling that I’ve got a permanent guild ban after a SINGLE check in the guild.

I think I understood: you start counting 24 hours not after leaving a guild, but after joining a new one :thinking: So it doesn’t matter how long I wait before joining a new guild, I have no chance to stay there with admins kicking out everyone without a daily checking in.

Great, not.

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My Saturday I joined a guild & I’m lucky to be still be there now ( my Sunday). Technically 24 hours after switching guild is over.

But guess what? I still CAN’T do a check in. I’m very frustrated with this situation. Is there any point playing this game?

@Rain it’s 24 hours after you switching the guild, which means the countdown starts after you join your new guild (not after you leave the guild). You should be able to check in after the 24 hour period.

Please change this. It’s impossible to join a new guild if you can’t check in, because they will kick you.

Second that. I agree that there should be cool down period, but it should start after leaving a guild. Currently it’s a very difficult to find a guild that keeps players without a check in on their first day.

(Btw, I was lucky & I survived my first day without check in in one guild)

You can actually come in « Legends » guild if you want. There is 7 place right now. I wait at least 1 or 2 day of inactivity and 0 contribution before I begin to think to maybe perhaps I will remove someone. :stuck_out_tongue:

For information, we had approximately 17 daily contributor on 20. It works well.

It was the sponsoring moment ! :smiley:


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Hi guys thank you for the feedback. We’ll discuss this next week.

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Still testing the guild system. Joined a guild on Thursday, couldn’t check-in, left. Expected 24 hrs to end Friday, but couldn’t check-in when joining another guild. Message should clarify countdown start. Inbox messages should predict next check-in after leaving. Feels like a permanent ban for 1 missed check-in