2 bugs i encountered now

The first bug is: The challenge time for x-10 stages didn’t refresh from last day.
I have looted some stage last day and the challenge time went to zero. I fell asleep while the app running in background and wake up this morning and the challenge time didn’t refresh as it should.

The second bug is: The arena battle didn’t end after i cleared all heroes of enemy. I had to restart the game and the battle was counted as victory.

Screenshot for proof.

UPDATE: I closed the game and cleared it from background and restarted it, and now my challenge times are refreshed as it should.

Yet another display glitch i just faced.

@marspark , please look into this situation.

Thank you for reporting the issues. I thought we fixed no.1 bug ages ago but apparently it still happen for some phones. We’ll try to duplicate these issues. Thanks!

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