10 and 15k step rewards need buffs (and halved magic attack)

For the first time ever, I managed to hit 15k steps and was really excited to open my rewards. It was a realllllly big letdown. It doesn’t need to be something exclusive to high step counts, because that would punish people like myself who don’t walk as much. But having the rewards not affect power levels whatsoever was incredibly disappointing.
Also, are halved magic attack items ever good? I read an ancient forum post about them being made for warlocks, but from what I could see abilities were still based on magic attack. Is there any way to see what stat basic attacks are using? I have my soul priest filled to the brim with half and half items and I think I need to get rid of them all

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Hi @gotyourpants, thank you for reaching out. I’ve brought these issues to our game designer’s attention. Thank you again for your feedback.