[Resolved] Lost my data after re-installing the game

hey guys,

so I seem to have lost my game that was saved on cloud after I uninstalled and re-installed the game because it refused to load past 91%. when I first open the game after reinstalling, the usual prompt to load previously saved game didn’t pop up and I had to go through the tutorial and all that basic stuff.
When I closed and reopen the game after that, then it prompt me to load the most recent cloud data, but my older saved data is not available to be loaded, just the newest one.
I hope I’m making some sense, it is kinda confusing to try explaining what happened.
long story short, I am unable to load my older saved game. Is there a way to restore it?
I don’t remember my id but I linked my facebook and google play to it.
my friend can only screenshot my name and my progress shown on her friends list.
I really hope it can be restored as I’m quite far along in the game. :sob:

Hi zenitshu,

Do you remember your username in the game? We can try to do a name search to locate the data. Which world were you at before the incident? We will also need the new ID after reinstallation to transfer the data over.

Also, this is a known bug and the fix update v2.1.6 is ready in Google Play. Please refer the thread for details:

hi @marspark,

here’s the screenshot of my acc that my friend provided.

my new ID is vnsswekZB

Thanks for that! The transfer is done. Please let me know if you are still having issues accessing the progress.

Please don’t forget to update the game to v2.1.6 as it has got the bug fix to the loading issue.


thanks a lot @marspark!
everything is back to before! I couldn’t be happier. :heart_eyes:

I’ve updated to the latest version and loving the changes that I’ve seen! big thumbs up to you guys! :thumbsup:

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