[Resolved] How to get Amethyst Tree back after 91% loading freeze bug

Hi! I bought the Amethyst Tree and after that I had the issue that the app did not load and was stuck at 91%. I had to re-install the app on my phone and now I don’t have the Amethyst Tree any more. How can I get the tree or my money back?

Hi norabu,

Sorry to know you have been affected by the game not loading issue.

Do you still have your old game ID before the data loss incident? Along with your new ID, we can make a data transfer for you. If you don’t remember you old ID, you can send us your username and new ID instead. Please note the username search is case sensitive, and we need the exact name to successfully locate your data.

Thank you for your patience!

Pocket Plants v2.1.6 is now ready in Google Play. It has got a fix to the game not loading issue. Please let me know if you are still having any loading issues with this update. Thank you!

To report further loading issues, please post in the following thread: