Replace Passive Skill bug

It’s a bug, see my reply in the next post

I had been saving up my Fit Stones so I could evolve a hero to 7 stars but it seems I don’t have the necessary advanced powerup for that. Instead, I evolved a different hero to 6 stars so I had 160 Fit Stones remaining. I noticed that you could add an active skill when evolving to 6 stars (though that was me just noticing it- something to add- a notification asking a player to select which additional active skill they want upon upgrading as I went for over a week without adding these skills to prior evolved heros). I knew that passive skills could be replaced and was looking at the different skills they could be replaced with. Doing that, somehow I actually made the replacements!? However, the I don’t see one of the replacement skills I know I was looking at (HP III). I didn’t even know I was doing it until I got a notification that I didn’t have enough currency and I freaked out as now my 160 Fit Stones had been reduced to 10! I don’t even have the skills I would have selected if I knew I was going to be spending the Fit Stones!

There are notifications in the arena for each time crystals are spent, perhaps the same could be done for Fit Stones? Or make it a settings option to have notifications turned on and off before spending the different currencies? I’ve been playing the game quite a bit and have upgraded and replaced skills before so it surprised me to see what how easily this happened unintentionally.


I just went onto my account on the new server and figured what it is- it’s a BUG! Now I’m out 50 Fit Stones on my other account!! 200 Fit Stones total between the two- ugh!!!

When you select a Passive Skill and select “Replace” for 50 Fit Stones, those 50 Fit Stones immediately deducted. You get a new pop-up showing the skill that you can replace it with and there’s a choice of either “cancel” or “accept”. EVEN IF YOU SELECT CANCEL, those 50 Fit Stones are gone and not credited back! So you’ve not changed a skill and are down 50 Fit Stones!


Hi @radiocricket, I agree we could add a warning popup when swap skill.

In terms of the ‘bug’, it’s actually intentional. The original design is without the ‘cancel’ button then we realize it will be too painful if you roll an even worse passive skill. Therefore we had an option for you to ‘revert’ so you should never worry about rolling a worse passive skill. If we cancel the 50 when you rollback then the random mechanism will be meaningless.

Ah, okay, there’s the problem. There is nothing that indicates you’re purchasing a random draw of a replacement skill, especially given that a cancel button appears on the next window. I blew through 150 Fit Stones without even realizing I was spending them! With your explanation, I understand the need for the cancel button and agree that it’s a good option. I think this area of the app needs some additional clarification. I’m all for chance/risk/lottery options within games, I just don’t like feeling I’ve been tricked into them (I know that wasn’t your intent).

Thanks for your fast response.


For some players to spend 50FitStones is an option, for other its already pain in uhm in back.
Maybe then it will be good option to spend 50FS when you push button and then -25FS when you choose cancel? Or some other variation of how much is spend and how much refund.

Is there a list of all the buffs?

Thats a good question!
Then you will know if its even worth to change something

It all made sense to me from the start, and I think it’s good as it is now. I blew through fit stones too when I was trying to get a skill that I want. If you can cancel without spending fit stones then what’s the point of random spawn? People would just try until they get what they want then spent stones. Current system makes skills more special and harder to get

I’ll create list. If anyone wants to help out post the ones you have on the discord. Https://

@Kuhz, I didn’t realize it was a random draw and I was spending Fit Stones. There was no “Are you sure you want to spend these Fit Stones” pop-up the way there is a “Are you sure you want to spend this currency(ies)” in the Arena Honor Shop. I was spending Fit Stones without realizing, not knowingly gambling my Fit Stones trying to get a certain skill, there’s a difference. These are all part of the hiccups of launching a new app. The developers need our input with bugs and areas needing further clarification.


@radiocricket Yea I agree that adding some sort of message like that would be great, maybe when you hit that button to change the skill and once you confirm then you get to either take a new skill or keep your old one. But having a message asking if you wanna spend fit stones would be nice to have

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The app explicitly shows that you have to spend Fit Stones to replace a skill.

The button you press is labeled “50 Fit Stones” …

The choice to accept the new random skill comes after your 50-Fit-Stone purchase.

The app is quite clear in showing that you have to spend 50 Fit Stones.

Yes, but on the next screen, it shows the current skill -> replacement skill, with the option of “cancel” or “replace”. It never indicates it’s a random draw. To me, it seemed that each spot could hold one of two skills and you were deciding between the two of them, just like you do when leveling up a hero to 6 stars. It wasn’t obvious that there were multiple possible random skills and it was a luck of the draw and you were gambling with your Fit Stones. There are no other random draw/lottery areas within this app so it was unexpected here. Laugh and think I’m an idiot, post over and over again that I’m a fool for not understanding, but I’ve been playing this game a great deal and it was not obvious to me.


I didn’t realize it either until I lost some stones to doing a replacement.

I did the same thing the other day on a newly bought 5* mage. Blew through 400 stones pretty quickly trying to replace a skill with something more useful (was hoping for speed) & then felt very silly when I realized what I’d done. The tutorial for how to play the game should maybe include some info on how to build your team that covers spending stones.

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This should definitely be made more clear. I too was caught by this “unfortunate series of dialogs” (if you don’t want to call it an outright bug) and lost a lot of fit stones “learning the hard way” what was going on.

I signed up for the forum solely to report this as a bug before finding a bunch of other posts discussing the same thing. Judging by this alone it’s not obvious to a lot of people how this process is intended to work.