New server: Power Tablet



LordV now has a 180th level Rose and 2 other 100+ level heroes.

Server just launched less than a week ago. Doesn’t seem remotely possible. Please look into this.



LordV continues to gank everyone in the arena. Please put a stop to it. It’s ridiculous. Makes me wonder, as a paying customer, if I’m making a big mistake playing this game long-term.

That’s four 6-star heroes all at level 150+ in less than a week.

I know you’re generally trying to put a stop to it (as was seen when all the level 300 players ganking us were dealt with earlier), and it’s the weekend, but this is the kind of thing that can ruin an otherwise good game.


Well the good news is, that in a day the arena season will end and he will be in a bracket by himself. It will probably take most of us another season or two to field a 200k power team. He will be alone by himself for a good time, if he somehow didnt cheat.


He’s been taken care of.


So are they cheating or hacking? Assuming that that is what’s being done. That is so not cool, here we are the ‘legit’ players & it’s hard 4 me to upgrade/evolve my heroes…im new soif any one can guide me to a beginners thread, I’d really appreciate that thanks.


Here is a basic forum post with tips:

Community discord has a few good guides along with some answers to questions people have asked:


Stuff happens. They’re gone now though. :slightly_smiling_face:

As for a beginner’s guide, I can’t help you there but I can offer some tips. I played on the last server for about 6 weeks.

I made it through hell mode with 2 mages, a priest, and a warrior. That combination seemed to work fairly well, at least for getting through the story.

The going got easier when both mages evolved to 6-stars. That’s when you can cast a bonus spell that hits all the enemy at once. You’ll be given a choice of skills to pick. I picked that one. Twice.

As for the priest, I looked for equipment that let me cast holy shield on multiple targets. Made things easier.

When the warrior evolved to 6-stars, I picked the skill that stopped him from dying for 2 rounds, which made progressing much easier.

As I did battles to progress, I always tried to put the warrior in the row that was taking the most damage, and everyone else in the other row. This can make a huge difference.

As for priorities on how much to level each hero, mages were highest (especially the first 6-star mage), then the priest, and lastly the warrior. The best defense is a strong offense?

Ask 10 different people, and you’ll get 10 different answers. shrug shoulders

Come to think of it, best advice might be to just walk and have fun playing, and not worry about best teams and optimizing. Not that I can take my best advice. :crazy_face:



It’s happening again, this time in League G. Lê Tèo has provided me with his/her impossibly powered team to fight.

Sorry to be a bother, but please work your magic and deal with it again. 9 days of being ganked by this probable cheater/hacker does not appeal to me. And I also (no doubt) say this on behalf of at least one other real player in this league.

If this helps, I saw his/her name in this league a few days ago, before the season ended. That’s obviously not possible. I was looking to see what guards I’d be facing and there he/she was.

As a side note, my power rose a bit, because after the season ended, I promoted a mage to 6-stars and I swapped out my 2-star fighter with a 5-star fighter I bought in the hero shop with crystals I just purchased with real money.

Update #1: And… the ganking has begun. Sigh.

Update #2: He/she just created a new guild called Dragon-VN and players are flooding into it. What a mess he/she is making. Sigh.

Update #3: The cheater guild is already level 2. Making excellent progress in competing with the legitimate guilds. Sigh.

This is the 3rd time in a week that cheaters/hackers have directly affected me. Is this what I can expect long-term?


I’ve just checked and he’s picked by the auto detection algorithm. We have been working on a permanent fix for quite some time and it’s still going to take a while since it involves re-programming the server code.

In the meanwhile you can either reply to this post or message me about potential cheaters and we’ll have a look if the player’s not picked by the auto detection system.

Thank you for your patience and your understanding!


Thank you for your thoughtful response. I know it’s frustrating for all involved.

Would it be possible, without too much work, to use the auto detection when someone tries to create a new guild? That would prevent lasting damage even after the cheater has been removed. Imagine what it must be like for a player to join such a guild only to find that the leader was removed. I think one guild became an inactive hulk from this. Maybe. Or, in my case, the frustration of coming up with the resources to create a new guild only to find cheaters making them for free.

Just a thought. I’d understand if it’s too time consuming or too complex to easily implement before you work on a more permanent fix. Hey, I’m just relieved that you do have long-term plans to fix it.

On a lighter note, I did write a 5-star review of your game in the App Store recently. That’s how much I enjoy playing it. :slightly_smiling_face:


I kicked about 5-6 cheaters from my guild that were lvl 300 in first few hours of the server. They went on to create almightybaa and some other guild before being moved to cheater purgatory.

One guild was taken over by the players who joined and and the other stayed static ever since.


Funny that they joined your guild. Maybe they were trying to blend in inconspicuously. Ha!

I’m sure there are some legitimate players who joined that static guild and have some stories to tell. Wha a letdown to get into a guild so early only to see it go dark.

Part of me hopes that static guild does go active again. Any legitimate player still patiently waiting in there to take it over probably deserves to be it’s leader. Unlikely though. Very unlikely.


94w7e Is my master code for those under 30! Also seeking a guild, please keep me in mind if a spot opens up thank you :slight_smile:



Congrats to Dragonkin for reaching level 5!


Thanks, it takes a bit to lvl 6 so we don’t have to be in such a rush anymore.
Lost Soles should get there in a few days :slight_smile:


Your guild deserves to be in first place. I could have started our guild about the same time you did, but one of my my mages kept screaming, “Level me!” :crazy_face:


Hi everyone, I am Harat, leader of Power Max.
I hope to reach lvl 4 soon. It’s good to (try to) compete against players like you, Trisen and Rhandar.
Good luck to all of you and we’ll see us ingame :slight_smile:


Hi Harat!

I’ve been watching both you and your guild climb through the ranks. Let’s just say that right now, I’m more motivated by your guild to hold the second spot than try to take first from Dragonkin. :grimacing:

My main goal is to ensure our guild is strong if more guild events are someday added to the game. Well, that and lose some weight in time for hiking season. :slightly_smiling_face:



This player just appeared in League D with only 64k power, and is winning. I check the leaderboards for each league often and I don’t think I’ve ever seen this player before.

Please investigate. Thanks!

Update: Now he’s pulled a vanishing trick. I’ve seen this behavior before. I suspect he’ll try to blend in when someone reaches League D. The last time someone did this they also made a new guild to compete with legitimate guilds (as seen earlier in this thread).

It’s also possible that the problem here was dealt with by the makers of this game, and if so, thank you!



There’s a probable cheater/hacker currently dominating League G.

Please work your magic. Thanks!

Update: Player dealt with. :+1: