My steps are not being uptated in the game


My steps are not being updated in the game any more



Can you please let us know the phone model and operation system version? Also are you playing with phone or Fitbit?



I have an iphone 6s , ios 10.3.1, im playing with the phone.

the game count my steps but then do do the calculations to get more crystals, it always stay in 99.35o3

this has been since 2 or 3 weeks


Hi @Fernando_Maulion, can you please check if motion activity is enabled for Wokamon (found in Settings->Privacy->Motion and Fitness)? Sometimes the system will turn off certain settings for apps randomly.

If that appears to be fine then can you please try to reinstall the game? Please make sure you’ve connected to Facebook before you do that so you can retrieve your progress with the same Facebook login.