Master code for new players


ymxpv for any new players


ngvxb for anyone in search of an active master


Mine is w846b. Currently have no apprentices.


My master code: vbpjw


Hi all. :slight_smile:
My Master code for twin peak is re3vg
Have a great game.


Master Code for new players

1-Fit Land sever: vbg8k
2-Fit Tower server: kkqqe
3-Twin Peak server: 3qx5v
4-Power Tablet: q94dq
5-Pump Garden server: d5xgm


Master Code: vbpdv

Join an Aussie who doesn’t hoard toilet paper​:biohazard::love_you_gesture:


My master code: ek3n8. Server: Pump Garden


My active player master code: 2gpbv
Server: Pump Garden