Looking for friends?



Very active, looking for friends :cactus::tulip::deciduous_tree::chestnut::seedling:


Pls add me YCk9NNQ4p


F3rXMXrrB add me :slight_smile:


Please add me M3++Mcr4i


My old account was restored. Please add me and help me thank you :blush: ID vC_KXrDrB


Hi! Add me, i’m active player :slight_smile: my id: FnbYH9nrp :deciduous_tree::cactus::tulip::cherry_blossom::four_leaf_clover:


:sparkles:hello!! i just started playing 3 days ago but im super active!! looking for friends please add me: FPyY7Kjri :see_no_evil::sparkles:


Add me, please!



Friend code is: FPaLgYn8g


Add me too!


Hope we can be friends :smiley:
ID: YnimR!Cxg


Thanks for starting this thread!

Hope to see some of you online :slight_smile:


Hi! New player here, ID is FCvp2yP8B, please add me :slight_smile:


Been playing the game a few days. Add me YPieyX8rB


Let’s play the game together💟
I will be your best friend :kissing_heart:


Active player. Add me! F3Ch754kp


Hey there! :hugging:
I have a new ID due to some technical difficulties.
Please add me again!
Thank you! :heart_eyes:


YCYftXY8p is my username! Pls add me!


Please add me! M3K2@-VZp


My ID: Yn*XB5$jB add me to the game please