Loading stucks at 91%


Recently, during this past week, I stopped being able to play because of the popular “91% loading bug”. I already tried restarting the phone, connection, checking if the phone is in perfect condition memory and process wise, but none of that helped for the past 7 or so days.
I’ve been browsing this forum, looking for solution, but only found out that people just restarted the game. Is it possible to get back my progress, after re-downloading the game, if I don’t remember my ID nor I have been using cloud to store saves (just in-game “save now” option)?
I’m kinda scared to uninstall without any insurance :disappointed_relieved: :


Hi Nife,

Are you on Android or iPhone? If you could just send us your new game ID, we can try to look you up in the database. We’ll try our best to retrieve and transfer the data back to your reinstalled game.

Thank you!


Thanks for response :slight_smile: Im on Android 7.0. My new game ID after reinstalling is: v3QSd!Fc@ and Ive kept the name as Techsaur on both old and new.

Looking forward to hearing from you about the situation!


Hi Nife,

Sorry for the delayed reply. I’ve transferred your old progress to your new account. Please let me know if you have any issues with the progress.



So far everything seems to be back on place!
Thank you very much for your assistance :smile: