Fitness RPG has won “Best of 2019”! Focus Plants post


I have been enjoying the focus plant app!
ID: v39w4y



ID: b8y4yn


I love this game i am making focus skill
My id : p6my3p


Congrats guys! I recently found Focus Plant and I love it. My daughter has gotten in on it as well and uses it as a timer for reading, chores or other tasks she needs to keep her attention off her tablet! (covid times is hard)

My ID: 83ppx8
Daughter’s if you’re so willing to help her out too(she’s 9!): 73w4gr


Thanks for everything :3 <3

I’m solecito
Id: kjw79j


Congratulations :heavy_heart_exclamation:And thank you :pray:

ID: jpwkpe


Congratulations guys !
Here’s my ID too, to be part of the party!


i love your games
id: dv9grw




ID - bzpggk
Great game


Congratulations :blush: Id:y6jr9k


Here is mine. Thank you


Thanks :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


Congratulations! Hope focus plant win too
Can’t wait to see next update! (Please be co-op focus)
Id: evgrmv


73yykj on focus plant


Co.grats! My game id is 9ndmje


Id: 83kdmp


ID: w4v8jk


I’ve sent 50 sunshines to all the accounts up to this post. You may need to re-open the app to see the changes. Happy focusing!


Congrats, you guys deserved it
Id: jp7q8r