Arrows to scroll pets too small


Overall great new design - but I now find it harder to scroll left and right when on the pet screen. Increasing the arrow size would fix this.

I’m using a Pixel 3.

Thanks !

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Truth be told, I sometimes have the same problem with my big right thumb on an iPad. As I click repeatedly to see if any pet has a rebirth available, I tend to eventually fall off the small target.



Agreed. Don’t know if they are too small or too sensitive, but I often have to reopen the pet tab several times to be able to scroll all the way to the pet I want to view.
I have an android phone.


Agreed, the left-right arrows are too small now. I also struggle when scrolling through pets. It’s also difficult to turn the page to browse glyphs (on the glyph tab in the market), need to be extremely precise to hit the button and not close the market window by clicking outside of it.


Been there, done that, done that, done that, done that, done that, done that, and done that.

P.S. And done that, done that, done that, and done that. But who’s counting? :crazy_face::grimacing:


Thank you for letting us know. We’ll improve that in the next next version hopefully. (since next version is for the dup fix)