Wokamon   Bug

Counting of the shares (2)
Step count update bug [migrated from UserVoice] (5)
Spent 600 topazes for nothing (5)
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Watch rewards not adding since update (2)
No new clothing for 999 topaz (3)
Activity is not correct (8)
Follower number for topaz keeps dropping (1)
Problems syncing apple health (1)
Steps not tracked (4)
Reset leaderboard step counting (3)
Can't unfriend 2 users (1)
Step count inaccurate with Apple Health (3)
Step counter going Negative (6)
MI Band Sync option gone (2)
Advertisements won't close (16)
Like Topazes Fix Needed (8)
Chest opening reloads the game (9)
Halloween update - Pink chest bug (3)
No topazes or gems after watching advertisements (4)
Health sync is crashing (8)
Android version crashing (3)
Can't sync/causing game crash (11)
Missing accessory (2)
Game crashed and lost tropeez (2)
Lucky Draw x10 didn't provide a new accessory (16)
Limited time topaz purchase (4)
Ads crashing the app (10)
Lost accessories after re-login (2)
Can't open Wokamon on my Apple Watch (2)